Unblock coin master

You are a big player or small if you try to cheat coin master you will be block by coin master. After this your account will be block for daily spins rewards, Joining rewards, all events will be stopped.

Some user ask me how to unblock coin master id to get daily events, daily rewards, friends rewards and joining spins.

Unblock coin master Joining spin

Your mistakes will make your coin master account in trouble. If you try different-2 sites for generating unlimited spins then you will be face blocking issue in coin master.

Don’t worry, I’m going to solve this problem for you.

If you still safe, Don’t try spammy ways to generate coins and spins. Don’t try to hack or cheats with coin master because if you caught by coin master, you will be blocked one day.

Now I’m going to solve how to unblock coin master id or how to unblock coin master joining spin or coin master spin unblock .

How to Unblock Coin Master Id ?

Unblock coin master joining spin in android or Iod mobile by just few clicks.

  1. Open Coin Master
  2. Click on the three lines upper right side of your coin master
  3. Find setting option
  4. Click on the setting, you will get support option
  5. Click on the support option and email to coin master
  6. The content of email is very important
  7. Write detailed Information about your self, Write about your regular basis gameplay.
  8. Request them to unblock your account.
  9. Tell them you are not a cheater, you are real and honest regular player.
  10. Send it
  11. After 15 to 30 minutes you will get auto reply from coin master that your request has been reched. We will work on this and get back to you soon. If you want to send anything else reply us on same email.
  12. You have to repeat these steps in every 5 days.

Coin Master Not Working??

Coin master is a server site game. If your network is slow then the game will be stopped. Sometime mobile slowdown during this game.

If coin master not processing the follow the rules mentioned below

  • You have to clear cache and data of your coin master game
  • For more I already post about coin master network problem in this post you will get detailed solutions of every litlle problem related to network problem. You can watch this video if you are Hindi user

Coin Master Joining Trick after removing Facebook Invitation options??

Coin master remove the invitation options for many blocked user but still you have an option whatsapp link share. You have to grab your link and share is to facebook, if your friends join from your link you will get joining spins.

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