Sports Club Attack Master Tricks and Reward List

Welcome to for daily coin master spins and coins link to visit the link and grab daily rewards. The new event of coin master is Sports Club Attack Master tricks, We will give you the best tricks to grab maximum reward with your spins. We also share the reward list of this sports club attack master.

Attack Master Tricks

  • I already grab lots of rewards in this event so you can also grab the same. Sometimes we played with higher bets and lost lots of spins.
  • Always focus when you played the game, understand the game and play like a champion.
  • The chances of getting an attack after the first shield are 50 to 60%, So Higher your bet when you get shield till 4 spins after 4 spins lower your bet. Sometimes we continuously played with higher best after shield and lost too many spins. If you have doubt then on 4 spins then you can higher your bet till 6 bets.
  • Understand The 5attacks and 2 raids scenario and 8 attacks and 3 raids scenario.
  • In 5 attack and 2 raids scenario, you will get 3 attacks consecutively and then you will one raid, after 2 attacks you will get another one raid. after 5 attacks and 2 raids, you will get nothing till 20 to 30 spins. So switch your bet to lower and play.
  • In 8 attacks and 3 raids scenario: You will get 2 attacks consecutive and then you will get 3rd attacks after 15 to 25 spins and last two attacks in 10 to 15 spins. So Understand these things and play. After 5 attacks you will get 2 raids consecutive, So lower your bet and play. After 2 raids you will get one attack and one raid, one by one.

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Now here is the reward list of sports club attack madness

coin master attack master rewards
coin master attack master levels

  • 1 attack = 50 spins
  • 2 attacks = 5m coins
  • 2 attacks = 10m coins
  • 4 attacks = 150 spins
  • 4 attacks = 28m coins
  • 2 attacks = 5kxp
  • 9 attacks = 65.5m coins
  • 15 attacks = 350 spins
  • 4 attacks = 10k xp
  • 23 attacks = 140m coins
  • 30 attacks = 600 spins
  • 9 attacks = 20 kxp
  • 33 attacks = 210m coins
  • 48 attacks = 1k spins
  • 9 attacks = 25k xp
  • 80 attacks = 1.2B coins
  • 160 attacks = 3k spins
  • 180 attacks = 3B coins
  • 400 attacks = 8k spins
  • 800 attacks = 300kxp
  • 500 attacks = 10k spins

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